After Conflicting Reports, It Looks Like The Google Pixel 4a Is Definitely Happening

After Conflicting Reports, It Looks Like The Google Pixel 4a Is Definitely Happening

Will they, won’t they release a Pixel 4a? We’ve landed on yes, Google will, going by the code in a new update for the camera app.

After a moment of doubt about whether Google would be releasing an XL version of its Pixel 4a and speculation about a 5G version, it seems that Google will be launching two models at least, according to code in the latest update for the Google camera app.

Rooting around in the APK file, XDA Developers found further references to Sunfish and Bramble - code names that popped up a couple of weeks ago that we assumed were placeholders for the Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL. The speculation was fuelled by Google's penchant for using fishy code-names for its handsets. Not only have they been spotted again in Google Camera 7.3, but they appeared alongside a reference to "pixel_20_mid_range" which would indicate a mid-range 'a' series rather than the next flagship Pixel 5 series, which will undoubtedly have a price tag that will be anything other than mid-range.

So we can safely assume that there will indeed be at least two models - the Pixel 4a and 4a XL - while a 5G variant remains unconfirmed for now.

Meanwhile, the new camera mode and features refer to a possible 24fps option (the standard for film and TV) being added to the existing 4K 30fps option, and 1080p 30fps/ 60fps. So if you're a budding filmmaker, this might be the update you've been waiting for.

The Google I/O event is set for May which is when we expect the Pixel 4a to be revealed, and we're sure there'll be plenty of leaks on the handset in the interim. Just sit tight. [TechRadar]

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