You Could Buy Yourself A Mustang, Or These $30,000 Frozen Dolls

You Could Buy Yourself A Mustang, Or These $30,000 Frozen Dolls

No one does movie merchandising like Disney, but if all the Frozen II figures, playsets and plush toys feel too pedestrian for your discerning collecting tastes, Saks Fifth Avenue will sell you a set of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf dolls bejewelled with a staggering amount of precious gems—to the tune of $US30,000 ($43,790).

Designed in collaboration with jeweller Roberto Coin, each doll appears to be immaculately painted with expertly coifed hair and a wardrobe that will make you wonder why a doll is better dressed than you’ve ever been. Even Olaf appears to be made from incredibly fluffy fur that would take all the world’s willpower to resist petting.

But while such attention to detail could justify a price tag of a few hundred dollars, it’s the less obvious adornments that contribute to this piece’s astronomical price tag. Throughout the collection you’ll find amethyst, orange and yellow sapphires, gold, tourmaline, and diamonds… so many diamonds, including a trio of glittering snowflakes on Olaf that are studded in the most expensive kind of ice.

For all the effort put into the dolls themselves, the packaging appears to be made from plastic and printed cardboard, which is both surprising and disappointing. If one was spending $US30,000 ($43,790) on dolls you’d assume they’d prefer packaging made from bulletproof glass, maybe even adamantium, or another nearly indestructible fictitious material. You don’t want to take your $US30,000 ($43,790) Frozen dolls out of their box, because, well, duh. But who’d keep $US30,000 ($43,790) dolls in such otherwise flimsy packaging?

If you’re genuinely interested in picking this set up this Christmas, instead of, you know, properly investing that much cash in something sensible, you’ll be in a special club: Only a pair of these sets are being produced. Each one also comes numbered, although imagine the shame of being the collector stuck with number two—you’d never be able to let it go.