Wireless iPhones Are Coming

Wireless iPhones Are Coming
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Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tends to nail it when it comes to upcoming product predictions.

As 2019 comes to a close he has released his latest report, which states that some iPhones will finally lose Lightning connectivity in 2021. In fact, they apparently won’t have any ports at all.

While many USB-C stans were hoping that it would be coming to the iPhone, it seems that Apple would rather skip this step altogether and move towards a completely wireless future.

According to 9to5Mac Kuo has said Apple will only drop lightning cable functionality from the “highest-end model” first. So if you’re a big fans of charging cables, you’ll most likely have that option for awhile.

And this makes sense. At the present time iPhones have some of the slowest wireless charging functionality in the industry, with all supported devices being capped at 7.5W.

While this will most likely improve over the next few years, it’s possible that whatever Apple’s first wireless iPhone wattage won’t be fast enough in the eyes on some users.

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Other predictions from Kuo this week included an iPhone SE 2 Plus, will be apparently contain an all-screen design (either 5.5 or 6.1-inches) and be devoid of a Home Button.

The new device will reportedly not include Face ID, but instead incorporate Touch ID into the power button at the side of the phone.


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