This Isn't A Cybertruck Prototype But It's A Nice Attempt

Photo: mtroiani29, Reddit

What appears to be a poor attempt at a Cybertruck prototype was spotted outside of a Tesla store and posted to Reddit yesterday. The roughness seems to indicate a weird fan idea of an early prototype, or perhaps a testing mule of some sort.

There are some interesting changes like the flat roof, and what appears to be an old school antenna on the fender. Also notable is the two-seater, long bed configuration, different from the crew cab, 6ft bed we saw earlier.

Those wheels are an interesting choice; they appear to have a logo in the middle of them. “Fard” or maybe “Ferd”? Hard to say.

(Editor’s Note: This is some pretty heavy satire, but it may not have been obvious as originally written. We’ve updated the headline and the lead to make that more clear.)

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