This Fantastic Us Poster Is All About The Cracks In The Facade

This Fantastic Us Poster Is All About The Cracks In The Facade

As the year wraps up, it’s time to start looking back on some of its best media, including arguably one of the best horror movies to come out in years, Jordan Peele’s Us. This excellent poster is a great way to commemorate it.

Created by artist Alex Kittle, this poster for Us is all about fracture: three images of Lupita Nyong’o’s characters in the film are framed by a broken mirror, the break in identities playing up the film’s themes of doubling and doppelgangers while also neatly foreshadowing some of its twists. Who am I when I look in the mirror, and if I were to see another me, who would they be? Red and Adelaide live out those questions in Us, with predictably messy and unnerving answers.

Creepy. (Illustration: Alex Kittle)

“My digital work has a focus on women directors and cult films,” said Kittle. “My take on Us is inspired by the first meeting of Red and Adelaide. The use of the cracked, mirrored coffee table emphasises the twisted, mysterious nature of the Wilsons’ doppelganger family.”

Alex Kittle, an illustrator, is based in Sommerville, MA, and sells a print of her Us poster as well as a lot of other art on her Etsy store. It’s worth checking out! And if you haven’t seen Us, there’s still time before you gotta make up that year-end list to argue with your friends about.