This Doctor Who Preview Hints At How Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Will Be ‘Tested’

This Doctor Who Preview Hints At How Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Will Be ‘Tested’

Jodie Whittaker is back in her sophomore season as the Doctor, but what is waiting for her outside the TARDIS? In this latest preview for season 12 of Doctor Who, the cast and crew share how the latest threat to the Doctor will test her like never before…and could even isolate her from her friends.

In this new look at Doctor Who season 12, Whittaker and her co-stars chatted about what fans can expect from the latest trip through space and time. We can expect some new foes—including a terrifying-looking scorpion thing—as well as familiar faces like the Cybermen. According to Whittaker, this season is about the Doctor and her friends going on their own journeys.

“What this season is about is the individual characters going on their own journey—and, particularly for the Doctor, it’s a series about self discovery,” she said.

This could mean personal growth for the Doctor and her companions, or it could put them all in even more danger. After all, you can’t forget the number one rule: Never split the party. Tosin Cole, who plays Ryan, seemed to indicate the latter, saying the Doctor finds herself in a place where she’s questioning and doubting herself. That makes sense, as Whittaker’s version of the Doctor is extremely curious and always trying to find the best solution to a problem (as someone with decision-making anxiety, I can feel her struggle).

“I think this is the first time we kind of really see her, as the new Doctor, really unsure and really trying to make decisions, and the pressure is getting to her, and how that affects her relationship with the group,” he said.

Doctor Who returns with season 12 on January 2.