This BTS Unpacks The Process Behind The Latest Short Trek, ‘The Girl Who Made The Stars’

This BTS Unpacks The Process Behind The Latest Short Trek, ‘The Girl Who Made The Stars’
From “The Girl Who Made the Stars”. (Image: CBS)

Star Trek has only been animated a few times in its lengthy history. But as the recent animated couple of Short Treks prove, the series translates incredibly well to the medium. Thanks to CBS All Access, we now have a better look at how it was made.

In a behind-the-scenes featurette featuring the short’s director, Olatunde Osunsanmi, and the creators at Pixomondo who animated one of those shorts. “The Girl Who Made the Stars” is a mythic take on raising children in the Star Trek universe, a bedtime story that gives a glimpse into how people in this future imagine folklore, the lessons children need to learn, and the childhood of Michael Burnham herself. The short offers a bit of magic to a universe that doesn’t have a lot of magic in it, and opens up a new imaginative space in Star Trek. Having an insight into its creation, and the clear love and care that went into making it, is extremely compelling.

The magic and mythology of “The Girl Who Made the Stars” is not yet available in Australia but other Short Treks can be viewed in the ‘trailers and more’ section of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix Australia.

Finally, Those Star Trek: Short Treks Are Available In Australia

Over the past four months in the run up to Star Trek: Discovery’s return, CBS All Access released four excellent mini-episodes under the Short Treks banner. Except they had a problem that was not quite as mini as the episodes: None of them were actually available outside of the US and Canada. That’s finally changing.

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