These Mondo Posters Probably Won't Make You Cry But, They're Pixar, So It's Possible

Francesco Francavilla did a scary Toy Story 3 poster for an upcoming Mondo show.

(Image: Mondo)

Pixar movies bond us through tears. Each and every film released by the animation studio is carefully crafted to tug at those heartstrings and make some, if not all, of its audience members cry. And any movie that makes you cry tends to stay with you long after you leave the theatre.

Movies like those are the ones you want to hang posters for in your home and Mondo has just what the doctor ordered this week. Friday, December 6 it’s opening ​Spirit of Adventure: A Pixar Poster Show ​at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. Nine artists combined to make over 15 posters celebrating all manner of Pixar film and Gizmodo is excited to exclusively debut two of them.

First up is Toy Story 3 by Francesco Francavilla. This 36 x 24-inch screenprint is an edition of 315 and costs $US60 ($88). What we love about this poster is that it really embodies the terror of Toy Story 3. Sure, we all remember the ending where Andy gives his toys away, but don’t forget the middle of the film where the toys literally think they are about to die. That shit gets scary and who better than Francavilla to bring that emotion to life.

Toy Story 3 by Francesco Francavilla (Image: Mondo)

Our second exclusive reveal is The Incredibles by Stan and Vince. This 24 x 36-inch screenprint is also an edition of 315 and also costs $US60 ($88). With this poster, Stan and Vince take the old school comic book tropes that inspired the team behind The Incredibles and filter the movie back through them. We’re left with a great comic book representation of one of the best comic book movies, well, ever.

The Incredibles by Stan & Vince (Image: Mondo)

And again, that just two of over a dozen posters in the show, other posters will be revealed leading up to Friday’s opening. Here are the three that have previously been revealed.

The show is open from 7-10 p.m. local time Friday night (Saturday in Australia) and remains on display through the weekend, closing December 9. Anything that doesn’t sell out at that time will end up online at a later date. You can follow @MondoNews on Twitter for the other reveals.

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