The Boys' First Season 2 Trailer Is A Bloodsoaked Return To Anarchy

Homelander covered in blood. (Image: Amazon Studios)

What do blood, breast milk and hard liquor all have in common? They’re all front and centre in the first trailer for The Boys’ second season.

Even though Amazon’s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys only dropped earlier this year, the creative team behind the series immediately went to work on the second season, and the first glimpse of what they’ve been cooking up has just dropped. It’s as gooey as you might expect.

The new trailer’s light in the way of plot, but it’s heavy on the hyperviolence and unsettling sexual overtones that defined both the source material and the live-action show. With Sitwell now dead, what’s going to become of the Seven is unclear—but between a bloodsoaked Homelander and the Boys springing into action to kick arse, one can safely assume that when the new season premieres, things are going to get messy as hell (again).

The Boys’ second season hits Amazon Prime sometime in 2020.

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