Tech Ghouls, Yoda Theories, And One Dumb Wikipedia War: Best Gizmodo Stories Of The Week

Clockwise from top left: Getty; Getty; Getty; Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo)

This is it, everyone. 2020 begins this week. A new year, a new decade, a new physical form to inhabit . . .

Anywho, let’s see what the Gizmodo team got up to this past week. We talked about how Apple’s iPad needs some time to really find itself, the dumbest Wikipedia editing face-off of the decade, and how you too, dear reader, can apologise out of both sides of your mouth like a genuine goblin CEO. Folks at Gizmodo declared some of 2019's best and worst movies and broke our brains by calculating Yoda’s real age. And don’t forget to check out our coverage on the best gadgets to get you hyped for the new year, the healthiest food to help you out with those resolutions (as well as the toxic chemicals to stay the hell away from), and whatever the hell is Betelgeuse’s deal at the moment.

You can find all that and more below:

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