Start Forging Your Own Beskar’gam And More Of The Most Metal Toys Of The Week

Start Forging Your Own Beskar’gam And More Of The Most Metal Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular round up of the best things we’ve seen on the internet this week that aren’t Baby Yoda, because we’ve already blogged those. This week, Hot Toys finds another Spider-Man costume to gorgeously replicate, Lego adds to its line of modular buildings, and at last there’s a helmet fit for any Mando’ade. Check it out!

Hot Toys Spider-Man Iron Spider Armour Sixth-Scale Figure

The death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame may have robbed Hot Toys of its favourite pasttime—turning approximately seven billion Iron Man armours into expensive action figures—but the company has found a simple enough replacement in turning the oodles of unlockable costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man into figures. The two circles of that Venn diagram of obsession come together here in this incredible shiny take on the Iron Spider suit, which was of course in both the movies and the comics a suit designed for Peter by Tony.

This particular design takes far more inspiration from the original comic Iron Spider suit than the MCU’s version did, doing little more than simply “teching up” the Spandex to read a little more visibly as padded armour than a red-and-gold skintight suit. As well as the giant golden arms that make the Iron Spider suit stand out from the cavalcade of Spider-costumes we’re used to, Hot Toys’ figure comes with alternate posing hands with webbing strands to display the figure slinging and swinging. [Hot Toys]

Anovos Star Wars The Mandalorian Helmet

You might be waiting for all that Baby Yoda merch, but you’re gonna need some protection if you wanna be a space dad to all those little green plushes. Good thing that Anovos—which has been making extremely fancy and expensive Star Wars prop replicas and costumes for years at this point—is getting on the Mandalorian train with a fully wearable, incredibly detailed replica of the titular hunter’s helmet.

Due to start shipping soon, the replica has a pewter finish to replicate the on-screen prop—because beskar doesn’t exist, silly—and fits Mandalorian wannabes with heads up to a U.S. size 8. If you want one, there’s currently a list to register interest for orders; you’ll have to check your guild pucks and see if you can pull together around $950 for the pleasure though. [Avonos]

Lego Creator Expert Modular Buildings Series Bookshop

If you’ve been faithfully collecting Lego’s modular building series over the past decade, at this point you’ve got a thriving little town on your hands with diners, pet shops, fire stations, movie theatres, and maybe even a garage.

The latest addition to the community is Lego’s 2,504-piece, $249.99 Bookshop that will finally give your minifigures some intellectual stimulation. At three stories tall, it includes living accommodations on the upper floors, five new minifigures, and the ability to connect to the other buildings in the series.

It will be officially available starting on January 1 next year.