Sharon Stone Was Blocked From Bumble, Just Like Us

Sharon Stone Was Blocked From Bumble, Just Like Us

Proles were enthralled to discover in the wee hours of this morning that Sharon Stone is on Bumble, the dating app where ~ladies~ make the first move. Around 1 AM EST, she tweeted a screenshot showing that her account had been disabled; after what must have been a furious few hours for the Bumble customer service team roused from their beds, editorial director Clare O’Connor announced that the account had been reinstated. (Bumble has a seven-day window for users to verify their accounts with photos if they’re reported as imitators but can shut down accounts without warning if they get multiple user reports.)

Judging by the hysterical outpouring of propositions that followed, Stone’s DMs probably look like a dump, so it’s nice–charitable, even–to see a celebrity slog through the muck with the rest of us rather than hole up in the walled garden of Raya.

As Sharon Stone trends through the morning, Bumble has swiftly produced a statement, offering to fly Sharon Stone out to hang out, I think.

Sharon Stone is back on Bumble! Our apologies for the confusion as we’re so honoured that Ms. Stone wants to be a part of the Hive. However, being the icon that she is, we can understand how so many of our users felt it was too good to be true once they noticed her profile wasn’t photo verified. Photo verification is just one of the many ways to connect with confidence on Bumble. In light of our mixup with Sharon Stone, we’d like to extend an invitation for her to come to Austin and allow us to host her at the hive for a few hours of profile prep and great food!

Sign-ups are at an all-time high, probably.

Like all dating apps, Bumble’s reportedly not immune to the catfishers and the impersonators, amidst the scourge of fake celebrity accounts hitting up Robert Downey Jr. fans in DMs for donations or a Bruce Springsteen follower for divorce funds. Bumblers who thought they were too internet-savvy to accept a casual midnight hello from Sharon Stone will have to live to regret it.

Not that celebrities don’t mingle in our social commons, where they hate to see it and surrender their data with the rest of us. One Gizmodo editor would wager that Elon Musk would give up half his fortune before he leaves Twitter (the platform where he struck up a flirty rapport with Grimes, incidentally). Or perhaps he could start TwitterX where the megalomaniacs and their devotees can mash their keyboards to their hearts’ content, and the rest of us could go about our #shartgates in peace.

Sharon Stone’s representatives are out of town for the holidays. She does not accept DMs.