Ring Camera Hacks, Viral Fakes, And Decade Highlights: Best Gizmodo Stories Of The Week

Ring Camera Hacks, Viral Fakes, And Decade Highlights: Best Gizmodo Stories Of The Week
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December always goes by too fast in my opinion. One moment, it’s the first and I have all the time in the world to scope out Christmas presents, and the next moment I’m in a mad dash to slap a bow and some wrapping paper on whatever last-minute gift I managed to grab that morning as I rush out the door to holiday-themed social shenanigans. While writing this, I realised the end of this week also coincides with the halfway point of December. So consider this a reminder for the both of us, dear reader: The holidays are coming. Fast.

Over the course of the last few days, our reporters covered how New York City officials are trying to plug all the city’s holes to stymie the effects of climate change, that scientists recently discovered a spider that lays purple eggs, which will now haunt my dreams, and spoke with a victim of one of those Ring camera hacks you’ve been hearing about who confirmed that, yes, it is indeed terrifying,

In commemoration of the upcoming new year—2020’s right around the corner, folks!—we also compiled some of the decades best for you: its most pivotal phones, most innovative gadgets, and most iconic viral fakes. And the folks over at Gizmodo hit some of this year’s best and worst moments in pop culture (My favourite? Easy: Baby Yoda. I would throw down my life for that adorable little green munchkin in a heartbeat).

All this and more, below.