Our 20 Favourite Pop Culture Posters Of 2019

Our 20 Favourite Pop Culture Posters Of 2019

Even if you follow it religiously, you truly have no idea how much limited edition pop culture art gets released every year. It’s ridiculous. Companies like Mondo, Acme Archives, and Grey Matter Art, as well as galleries like Hero Complex, Gallery 1988, and Bottleneck, all release dozens of posters per month, and that’s not including private commissions, unlicensed work, and so much more.

Which is to say, coming up with a definitive list of the best of the year is incredibly difficult. So, instead, we just picked our favourites.

There was so, so much amazing Spider-Verse art this year. Here are three of the best. First, by Martin Ansin from Mondo.

By Matt Ferguson and Florey via Bottleneck Gallery.

By Mark Englert, also from Bottleneck Gallery. (This is what the print looks like in the dark.)

Eric Tan released not one, not two, but three posters for the Star Wars sequel trilogy in 2019, and they’re all fantastic. Courtesy of Bottleneck and Acme Archives.

Even if you don’t love the movie, artist Kilian Eng crushed this poster for Spielberg’s Ready Player One. This was a private commission.

Kevin Wilson, aka Ape Meets Girl, beautifully captured The Muppet Christmas Carol, via Hero Complex Gallery.

The best moment of The Last Jedi was beautifully captured by Rory Kurtz, via Mondo.

Phantom City Creative created one of the most beautiful Alien posters out there, and that’s saying a lot. Via Mondo.

This officially licensed variant of Chum Chart by Anthony Petrie is a work of genius. Released by Bottleneck.

Artist Scott C brought the whole Back to the Future series together in this gorgeous piece, released independently by the artist.

Boris Pelcer brought together so much of what we love about 2001 in a single poster. Via Mondo.

Yes, another massive Back to the Future piece, this one by 100% Soft for Mondo.

Matt Ferguson released a bunch of amazing posters this year, but I love this Temple of Doom one because the rope bridge scene is the best. Released by Bottleneck Gallery.

Matt Taylor’s Captain Marvel captures the power of this amazing character. Via Mondo.

Oliver Barrett went to town on Stanley Kubrick movies this year but this one for A Clockwork Orange is particularly striking. Via Mondo

Tomer Hanuka made a poster that you can almost hear for A Quiet Place. Via Mondo.

Rory Kurtz again, capturing the at-times melancholy Wall-E in this very joyous print. Via Mondo.

Florey had a lot of great posters this year too but you can almost hear the John Williams score when you look at this E.T. poster. Via Bottleneck.

Most of the above posters are sold out, so eBay would be the only way to get them. Feel free to share your favourite posters of the year in the comments below.