One Of Star Trek's Best Borgs Is Looking Mighty Fine In This New Image From Picard

Hugh with his weird glowy Borg eye. (Image: CBS/Viacom)

There’s Seven of Nine, and she’s perfect. But just a bit beneath her is Hugh, one of the most fascinating characters in the Trek canon. And now he’s coming back in Picard, and, dang, he’s looking sharp.

Hugh, introduced in The Next Generation, is a Borg who learned independence and broke away from the hivemind. We already knew he was returning in Picard, but we’ve yet to get a look at him quite as clear as the one released today by TV Line, who posted an exclusive picture of the returning character, as played by Jonathan Del Arco.

Jonathan del Arco as Hugh. (Image: TV Line/CBS)

And boy, does Hugh look sharp. A bit like Seven of Nine, he’s mostly de-Borged, now, with nothing but some scars and a few spare bits of machinery to mark his former connection to the collective. As a modernisation of the post-Borg aesthetic, it really works, using some really high-quality makeup to depict the damage that sort of change does to your body while still making the character look like he’s come a long, long way.

Picard will be available on Amazon Prime Video in Australia from January 24. Can’t wait.

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