Of Course Porsche's Museum Storage Garage Is Full Of Treasures

Screenshot: TheSpeedhunters, YouTube

The Porsche factory museum in Stuttgart is one of the world’s greatest treasure-troves of elegantly displayed cars. But apparently even that joint can’t fit everything cool that the company’s collected. Here’s a look at what’s in Porsche’s proverbial junk drawer.

The Speedhunters took a quick walk around Porsche’s storage garage and saw quite a few amazing machines; highlights include a 959 S, a 918 prototype, and a couple of 911 GT1s but really pretty much everything the camera pans over is interesting to some extent.

Tour guide Beny Marjanac tells the camera op that “20 per cent [of the cars down there] are drivable within 30 minutes,” as in, road-legal and ready to go. So, a lot of this hardware might take a little time to dust off. But it’s all worth saving. And admiring.

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