Nissan Shows Off The Leaf's Energy Regenerating Capabilities By Draping It In Christmas Lights

nissan leaf christmas

Nissan is getting into the festive spirit and showing off the Leaf's ability to power a load of garish Christmas lights.

The display is powered by the regenerated energy that the Leaf produces when braking or decelerating, and that's used to charge the batteries. There's an additional B mode driving function that "regenerates energy under braking, with drivers using the traditional brake pedal."

On average, Nissan Leaf drivers regenerate 744kWh of clean energy per year when driving the average annual distant of 18,000km for this model. What does that translate to? Around 20 per cent of the electricity consumption of an average European household is what.

Or perhaps more fittingly, 10,783 houses with 1,000 LED lights for five hours. So this LED-encrusted car should be shining bright for long enough that the neighbors will be creeping out to start sabotaging the light-show and bring it down a notch.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

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