Netflix Is Testing A Way For You To Hide Your Embarrassing Content

Monitors with Netflix logo are pictured during the international electronics and innovation fair IFA in Berlin on September 10, 2019. (Photo by Emmanuele Contini/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Image: Getty Images

Netflix is quietly testing a new feature that will allow you to hide the fact you’ve been secretly watching episodes of Gossip Girl, according to Android Police.

The publication noticed the U.S. streaming giant has added a button under the “continue watching” section of its Android app that allows users to delete shows from the list of shows they have already viewed.

Currently, if you have an inappropriate or just a shockingly bad choice of TV show stuck in your “continue watching” area, you would need to go to the account section of Netflix, my profile, “viewing activity” and delete the show. The new functionality being tested allows you to delete the show right in the app. According to Android Police, you simply click on the overflow menu on the show tile and the option for deleting the show now appears.

If it works in the same was as the current delete functionality, it will prevent the title you have watched from making any appearance in your Netflix’s app under the “watch it again” section or in the algorithm-based recommendation section “because you watched”. It also doesn’t currently allow hiding on children’s profiles.

Netflix declined to comment to Gizmodo Australia. Gizmodo understands this is a test for select Android users but it is unclear if the test has been successful or if the feature will roll out more widely.

The Android Police screenshots also show a “play random episode” button in the same overflow menu, which was first spotted on the main navigation page by Android Police in April. Netflix confirmed at the time it was testing the feature with a select group of users.

“We are testing the ability for members to play a random episode from different TV series on the Android mobile app. These tests typically vary in length of time and by region, and may not become permanent,” Netflix said in a statement to Deadline at the time.

Soon we may live in a world with shuffle TV and binge-watching secrecy. What a time to be alive.

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