Lost In Space’s New Trailer Has Robot Feels And Spaceship Ships

Lost In Space’s New Trailer Has Robot Feels And Spaceship Ships
Whether it’s a sea of stars or a sea of water, a ship’s a ship, right? (Image: Netflix)

And yes, there’s still danger—although it’s not just Will Robinson that needs warning about it.

Netflix just dropped the full trailer for Lost in Space’s sophomore season, and while the Robinsons are just about still standing after the wild events of season one, it seems like they’re in for a bunch of new problems. Mainly problems like “Where the hell is our robot?” and, more immediately worrisome, “Can we turn our space-ship into a ship-ship before it plummets off of the edge of a waterfall?”

They might succeed in the latter, judging by this trailer, but as for the former, it seems like the hunt for Robot after it got separated from Will and the gang last season will be a major drive for season two, as the Robinsons and the rest of the remaining colonists attempt to get back to their fellow humans on the Resolute and continue their mission.

Too bad it seems like said mission is going to be impeded by some decidedly less-pleasant robots than, well, Robot! Poor guys can’t catch a break. At least Parker Posey still seems like she’s having a great old time on this show.

Lost in Space returns for round two on Netflix December 24.