It’s *This* Easy To Integrate Wearable Tech Into Your Accessory Lineup

It’s *This* Easy To Integrate Wearable Tech Into Your Accessory Lineup
Image: Instagram / @bose

Head down to the park or beach nowadays and we’d bet that you’ll struggle to find anyone not wearing some kind of wearable technology. From smart watches and Fitbits to headphones, the industry has made its mark on the fashion world ” even though they’re still categorised under tech, not accessories.

This article has been sponsored by Bose Frames, encouraging you to not be afraid of trying new technology when reinventing your look.

But in actuality, the Venn diagram of fashion and technology is more of a circle than most people probably realise. Historically, wearable technology has faced two major hurdles: aesthetic appeal (or lack thereof) and connectivity (or, again, lack thereof).

While sure, back in the day there might have been resistance to wearable technology from those points of view, nowadays it’s clear that that’s not a hindrance anymore. In fact, for the most part, these are no longer areas of concern for the wearable market.

So here are three easy ways to integrate wearable tech into your accessory rotation.

1. Look for tech with multiple uses

If you’re shelling out for some cool new tech, you’re going to want to make sure it can cover all the bases you need. And if that means it can replace more than one item in your accessory lineup, that’s even better. Take for instance, your sunglasses and headphones. Probably two pieces that you use almost every day, especially if you’re on your way to work or going for a run.

Instead of having to remember both accessories and trying to make them work with each other, you could opt for Bose’s new Frames (RRP: $299.95), sunglasses with tiny speakers built in that will stream any audio source via Bluetooth (up to 9m) from your mobile device. The battery lasts over 3 hours, there are two classic designs to choose from and they even take calls.

2. Replace your most-used items

If price point is a deterrent for you when it comes to wearable tech, then the important thing for you to consider is how often you’re going to make use of it. Sure, putting out more money upfront can be a bit daunting, but for a culture that emphasises buying higher-quality pieces that last instead of fast fashion, it makes sense.

Start by figuring out the accessories you wear the most. Do you check your watch every 30 seconds for both time and message updates? Set aside pieces you wear for sentimental reasons, and evaluate what can you replace. Given that you likely wear these items the most often, once you calculate cost-per-wear it’s far less intimidating.

3. Colour-coordinate

At our cores, we like things that look good. Maybe it’s the magpie within us all, but the eye is always drawn to the most Instagrammable, beautiful pieces. And just as we curate our feeds, we curate our wardrobes. Think about how much thought you put into the clothes you wear each day ” unless you’re running late, you probably put in some kind of effort, right?

With customisation topping the list for a lot of wearable tech options, you can ensure that whatever you decide to opt for is going to work with the rest of your look. Aesthetics are so deeply tied to our personalities and there are plenty of options available to match. When in doubt? Go for black. It’ll work with everything.

Bose Frames Rondo with optional polarised lenses in rose gold.

Regardless of the type of tech you go for, you can rest assured that the caricatures of wearable technology are long gone. It’s not a case of having a huge whopping block of tech that you carry around your neck or skull ” things are streamline, and even fashionable. Look at those Bose Frames, for example ” they’re cute enough that you can pop them on with any outfit.

If you feel like mixing it up, however, you can swap out the Bose Alto lenses ($29.95) with either mirrored silver or blue, or the Bose Rondo lenses ($29.95) with mirrored blue or rose gold.

So really, when wearables can look that good and offer more than the boring accessories you’ve already got (and probably misplace all the time), you might as well give them a go.

Besides, it’s a Look ” your ‘gram feed will thank you.