Introducing The Quiet Australia Policy Because ‘Fuck Experts’

Introducing The Quiet Australia Policy Because ‘Fuck Experts’

It sure has been a year for Australia.

AFP raids. Cracking down on protests. Mistreatment of the elderly. The death of first nation people in custody. The country literally being on fire.

There’s been a lot for people to complain about, which is highlighted in the latest Honest Government Ad through the introduction of the ‘Quiet Australia Policy’.

Strap in.

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While these videos by The Juice Media usually shine a huge spotlight on a single #auspol issue, this time around it has gifted us with a wrap of the of immense amount of “shitfuckery” that has gone down at the hands of the government in 2019.

In addition to everything mention above, the video also takes aim at outlawing boycotts, Robodebt, ignoring experts in field and much more.

Special attention is also paid to the imprisonment of whistleblowers and public interest journalism being treated as a crime. We have written an explainer on this here.

Our favourite line of the entire video has to be, “Cause nothing says free speech like some pepper spray to the fucking face.”

Check it out for yourself:

You can watch more videos from The Juice Media over on its YouTube page.