Holy Shit, Watchmen’s Lube Man Slide Was Real

Holy Shit, Watchmen’s Lube Man Slide Was Real

Watchmen might have come to a resoundingly stunning end, but somehow…somehow this damned show just keeps shocking us.

Audiences are meant to still be reeling about the ramifications of the HBO show’s season finale”maybe even potentially finale”or the many equally compelling twists Watchmen (based on the DC Comic) gave us along the road to that ending.

Hell, maybe we’re still meant to be reeling from that rad as hell Bowie cover on the equally rad as hell soundtrack. And yet, maybe above all, episode four’s infamous Lube Man is still at the forefront of our thoughts, doused in canola oil and gleaming.

That Lube Man is an entity known as Lube Man, or that his real identity is none other than now-disgraced ex-FBI agent Dale Petey, or that the aforementioned canola oil that grants him alarming limberness, is not really what lingers. It’s that slide. It’s so…smooth. And creepy. And just out of goddamn nowhere.

“The fuck,” Angela Abar cries. “The fuck,” we echo her. It’s as majestic as our hero is shiny. And apparently a practical effect!?

That’s according to master-deliverer of “The fuck“ herself, Regina King, who told IGN what really is the biggest shock of Watchmen: Lube Man’s slide into a street drain was a real stunt, performed by a stuntman who is now the hero 2019 deserves.

“It was wild. It was wild just to see the guy do it. I was like, “˜Yo, that’s bananas!’,” King said. “And it was cold as shit that day. So he’s out there in that polyurethane, whatever it was that he had on, and he did that, and that was amazing. “¦They built that little drain so that he can slide in it. But yes, that was an actual stunt.”

What else can you say? Incredible.