Henry Cavill Doesn’t Care About The Snyder Cut, He Just Wants Another Superman Movie (And His Mustache Back)

Henry Cavill Doesn’t Care About The Snyder Cut, He Just Wants Another Superman Movie (And His Mustache Back)

At the approximate half-way point between harassment campaign and esoterically bonkers conspiracy theory, we have “the Snyder cut”—the alleged complete version of Justice League fans believe Zack Snyder finished before tragic personal circumstances lead to his departure from its production. Somehow, we’re still talking about it, but Henry Cavill wishes we weren’t.

Recently the cast of Justice League—a movie ultimately directed by Joss Whedon that ranges from “eh it’s fine” to just kind of a dud—took to social media as part of a planned campaign to celebrate the movie and also, paradoxically, ask Warner Bros. to release a version of it fans have spent some incredibly tiresome years debating the existence of with varying degrees of toxicity. In fact, just today, Snyder himself took to his social media platform of choice, Vero, to refute any naysayers with a cryptic tweet depicting a stack of film reels of an alleged Justice League director’s cut.

It, of course, sent Snyder cut true believers into a whipped-up frenzy, mainly because they will whip themselves up in a frenzy at the drop of a hat, but also because of the sheer and utter weirdness of the actual stars of Justice League momentarily joining their shrieking calls.

But one pretty notable Justice League star was not among the shrieking: Superman himself.

On a recent press tour for his upcoming bathtub fantasy simulator, The Witcher, Henry Cavill was asked by entertainment reporter Jake Hamilton about why he chose not to partake in the social media stunt—and he joked that the sad loss of the Mission Impossible mustache he had during Justice League reshoots left scars too deep to re-open.

“I wouldn’t say there’s any particular reason,” Cavill told Hamilton. “I mean, I miss my mustache—which is the most important thing. And for me, it was just a harrowing reminder that I didn’t have it anymore. And so I just didn’t want to dig that wound any deeper.” Highly understandable, given the epic status this mustache has achieved, a tale as legendary as the alleged Snyder cut itself, if not more so because we have unequivocal evidence of its existence.

Speaking of which, in a separate Witcher interview with ReelBlend’s Kevin McCarthy, Cavill went on to address the situation further. “I have not seen any Snyder cut,” the actor revealed. “I don’t know if there’s anything that exists that is a Snyder cut. I’m sure there’s footage out there that’s probably been pieced together over the years.”

Cavill would rather leave all the hubbub, mustache aside, in the past, and focus on what appears to be a very uncertain cinematic future for the Man of Tomorrow. He said, “I’m always interested to see how that stuff turns out, but that is very much a chapter in my past. I would rather talk about what’s going to happen in the future, the future of Superman.”

You heard Superman, DC fans: Let go, and look to DC’s bright future…and if you must start a campaign to get Warner Bros. to notice you, maybe make it about getting Henry Cavill another solo movie? Or at the very least the opportunity to grow some facial hair.