Ford Presents Rare Opportunity To Buy White Mustang With Blue Stripes

Ford Presents Rare Opportunity To Buy White Mustang With Blue Stripes

There are a lot of powerful feelings we can associate with Ford v. Ferrari, which put the 1960s tale of Le Mans fresh in our minds, such as an uncontrollable love for the fuels the world runs on: capitalism, gasoline and testosterone. But in the spirit of all three, can we put a monetary value on those feelings?

Ford sure hopes so.

On this magnificent Thursday, Ford announced a car the likes of which we’ve never seen before: A white Mustang with blue stripes, looking to capitalise on your personal Ford v. Ferrari hype that hasn’t worn off yet by convincing you to put down an extra $US2,000 ($2,904) for a heritage package on the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R. It’s an appearance package only, since looking the part is half of the battle, but don’t worry—both come with roughly 530 horsepower.

Image: Ford

The heritage package is a throwback to some names you might recall from the movie and from life, and Ford calls it “a tribute to Carroll Shelby’s historic 1965 fastback coupe that helped establish the GT350 brand.” That tribute will cost exactly $US1,965 ($2,853), because we might as well have a little fun with the numbers.

From the announcement:

A year before Ken Miles set lap records at Le Mans in Ford’s famed GT40, the noted race car driver and engineer made waves on the track in the first 1965 Mustang Shelby GT350 fastback coupe. Ford is celebrating this legacy 55 years later with a new limited-edition 2020 Mustang Shelby GT350 Heritage Edition Package.

Miles made Shelby GT350 an instant legend when he drove it to victory at Green Valley Raceway in Texas on Feb. 14, 1965. Since then, the Shelby GT350 has been a Mustang icon.

The heritage-edition GT350 and GT350R models will be a limited run, Ford said, but didn’t say what the limit was. The white paint and blue stripes will be paired with blue exterior badges and a dashboard badge inside, and GT350R heritage models will have black seats with red accent stitching.

Image: Ford

The extra $US1,965 ($2,853) for the heritage appearance package will come in addition to MSRPs on the cars, which, base, are $US60,440 ($87,763) for the GT350 and $US73,435 ($106,633) for the GT350R. Dealerships can order the heritage editions now, Ford said, and they’re scheduled to begin production early next year and ship out this autumn in the U.S.

If your movie hype wears off by then, not to worry—you still have the prospect of the rare white Mustang with blue stripes to entice you.