Facebook Works For Once

Facebook Works For Once

While the internet may just be one of the biggest mistakes humanity ever made, it has its occasional benefits—sort of like how two people in a Facebook truck group managed to swap hoods so that their Silverados finally matched. This might just be one of the best star-crossed stories I’ve ever heard.

The post went viral on Twitter last night. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it before, here you go:

Poor Üziel Valles has somehow ended up with a yellow hood on his otherwise white Silverado. It’s not one of those colour schemes that really mesh together—which took him to the private Denver Dropped Trucks group to ask for a swap.

Enter: John Payan, who just so happens to have an all-yellow truck with a white hood. Is this destiny? Proof that soulmates do exist? I can’t say for sure, but whatever the case, it’s still a better plot arc than anything that made its way into the Twilight series.

We reached out to both Valles and Payan to confirm the story and share photos of the whole situation. While we have yet to hear from Payan, this is what Valles told us:

Well I was just swapping my front end and I found some parts white but last part to find was a HD hood and I found one but it was yellow and there’s a page here in our state where there’s a lot of parts for sale and trade so I was just hoping I found the owner of a white HD hood that would wanna trade and well that happen lol

He affirmed that the viral story is as real as it gets, and he sent the following photos:

He and Payan even still appear to chat, which is the only thing I could have ever asked for from this story. I could not have accepted any other conclusion. These two fellas swapped hoods, and now they’re bros for life.

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is that you can always find the most obscure shit you need on the internet.