Google Maps Can Now Search Electric Car Chargers By Plug Type

Google Maps Can Now Search Electric Car Chargers By Plug Type
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Drivers of electric vehicles will be painfully aware that there isn’t a universal charging plug.

This means it can be a pain in the arse to find a public charger that will accomodate your particular car. Especially if you don’t drive a Tesla.

Fortunately, Google Maps just made the process a whole lot easier.

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While you were able to search for charging stations previously, Maps now gives you the option to filter the results by plug.

For example – Nissan Leaf users will be able to select ‘CHAdeMO’, with BMW and VW fans being able to opt for CCS, instead. Old mate Tesla’s proprietary charger is also searchable.

You can find the filter options in a drop down menu that appears under the search bar.


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You can also now further customise this experience through the new ‘Electric Vehicles Setting. This will allow you to save and change your preferred plugs, so you don’t have to punch them in every time. This is particularly handy if your household has more than one type of EV.

While separate apps to search for EV plugs aren’t anything new, it’s nice to see this functionality rolled into a mainstream app like Maps.

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