Driver Ticketed For Towing Semi Trailer With Regular-Arse Pickup Truck

Driver Ticketed For Towing Semi Trailer With Regular-Arse Pickup Truck

I like to think of myself as a problem solver. A man who could figure out how to get a 53-foot semi-trailer across town using only a plasma torch, some scrap metal, and a Chevy Silverado. So I feel like I would have some connection with this intrepid Canadian, and I feel like I can give him some slack for forgetting to ask himself the important questions, like: “Is there a non-zero chance that this is incredibly stupid, and that I could injure or kill myself or others?”

Ontario Provincial Police posted photos of a truck that they had pulled over and ticketed for trying to use a pickup to tow a full-on semi-trailer attached with what looks like a homemade I-beam contraption. The I-beam was connected to the truck with only a clevis pin and misplaced confidence.

There is an air hose running to the air brake connection, though several Facebook commentators have noted that the air hose is connected to the spring brakes, allowing the trailer to move. The service brake air hose was not connected, meaning there were no functional trailer brakes and the Silverado was doing all the pulling and all the stopping.

Photo: Ontario Provincial Police, Facebook

A look at the photos adds more questions than answers: What is that tank thing for? Where are the safety chains attached? Why do the tires look so different, and is one of them showing cords?

As we’ve said before, it’s not incredibly difficult for a regular truck to pull a heavy load along a flat surface with low acceleration and deceleration. In fact, as Car & Driver noted, this almost seems like a Chevy PR stunt. However, doing it on a public roadway with hacked together equipment designed for very different trailers is maybe not the best idea.