Doctor Who Returns Just After New Year's Day

We’ve known since Doctor Who last left our screens that we’d be waiting until early 2020 to see Jodie Whitaker’s Thirteenth Doctor return to the TARDIS. Now we know it’s very early 2020. In fact, it’s literally the day after New Year's.

The BBC has just confirmed with a brand new trailer that Doctor Who’s 12th season will premiere on January 1, 2020, on both BBC One and BBC America. That means it's January 2 for us in Australia.

The two-part premiere, “Spyfall”, will see The Doctor, Graham, Yaz, and Ryan suit up in style to save the world and, y’know, do Doctor Who-y things.

The Doctor is back in just less than a month! We’ll bring you more on Doctor Who’s new season as and when we learn it.

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