The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers
Image: Xbox

Christmas is nearly upon us! How did that happen? If you’re scrambling for gift ideas for your console-loving gals, pals and notable acquaintances, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these bad boys for some great console gamer gift ideas.

The latest console

Well, this one might seem like a no-brainer, but console lovers love consoles. The good news is, they’re actually pretty affordable now. You can grab the Switch Lite for around $300, the cheapest Xbox is $298, and you can grab a bottom of the range PlayStation for less than $400. If you’re feeling a bit extra this year, a new console could be the perfect gift.


Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

The Xbox Adaptive Controller really is an awesome bit of tech, and with it, Xbox users can reprogram their controller to play how they want. For gamers with disabilities, it creates a completely unique and adaptable way to play. This would make for a great gift for anyone who needs it, as well as gamers looking for new ways to change their game playing abilities.


Game Subscription Top-up

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

All consoles now come with game subscriptions that allow free game downloads, as well as access to online features. Xbox, PS4 and Switch users could all benefit from a game subscription top-up, and the cards are fairly cheap, and easy to find. Usually, a month’s subscription will cost around the $10 mark, up to $16 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Depending on your generosity, you might like to purchase a voucher for 1-3 months, or even a full year subscription.


PlayStation light

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

Any good gaming set-up has to have some kind of sick lighting set-up, and these cool PlayStation lights would help make any console stand look snazzy. Alternatively, you could help jazz up your mate’s console set-up with fairy lights or coloured LEDs.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

A good controller can make all the differences in a heated battle, and for Switch users more used to handheld controllers, a Switch Pro Controller might just help them to victory. The Switch actually has some great alternative controllers, so for the friend looking to change up their game, they might be the perfect gift.


Dual controller charging stations

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

Dual controller charging stations are probably the most helpful devices when it comes to console gaming. For those who regularly engage in multiplayer games, or like to swap between two controllers, having them both on charge with a single cable is a godsend. Charging stations are available for every console on the market, and they’re a great investment for players who don’t like to wait.


Nintendo Switch case

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

Every Switch user deserves a snazzy case to travel with. This one, from tomtoc, is pretty cute, and stores everything a Switch user would ever need on the go, from extra controllers to game carts and the console itself. There’s also this one in black, this one for the Switch Lite, and this one, that looks like a fancy handbag. Plenty of options for a fashionable and practical gift!


Console Hard Drives

The Best Christmas Gifts For Console Gamers

Video games just keep getting bigger, and console sizes just can’t keep up. As it is, consoles are capped at around the 1TB mark, and many gamers rely on external hard drives to download and store their favourite games — but they can never have too much storage, and another hard drive would never go astray. Depending on how big it is, it could even cost you as little as $50 for an extra 500GB.


Any of these gifts are sure to make console gamers happy this Christmas.