Best SIM-Only Plans To Gift This Christmas

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Getting or gifting a phone this year? Handing one down? Passing one up? Why not get a new plan to go with it?

It might sound surprising, but the festive season can be a great time to get yourself, your kids, or someone else in the family a new phone plan. The telco world isn't exempt from Christmas madness.

With that in mind, here's a look at some of the best SIM-only and prepaid plans around right now.

That Insane 103GB Phone Plan For $28 A Month Is Back (And It Still Doesn't Have A Contract)

The best phone plan we've seen all year is back. Circles.Life (powered by Optus) is once again flogging 103GB per month for only $28. And you don't need to sign a contract.

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Upstart telco Circles.Life is currently offering 20GB for just $18 per month, a SIM-only offer that's hard to beat. The deal is actually a $10 per month discount on the company's $28 plan, which will last for your first 12 months with Circles. However, since the plan is contract-free, you can always leave whenever.

The plan also includes 3GB of "bill shock protection data", which kicks in after you burn through your allowance. This technically makes it a 23GB per month plan. If you manage to use your bill shock data too, you'll get billed at $0.01 per MB unless you purchase an add-on. These start at 3GB for $6, which is pretty good when you consider the standard rate is $10 per GB.

This offer runs until January 10. To get it, you'll need to use the promo code 10FOR12 during sign-up.


amaysim is running a rather unique promo right now: if you sign-up for its $40 prepaid plan, you'll get unlimited data for your first three recharges. That's truly unlimited, no strings attached data, as opposed to "unlimited" data where your speeds are capped after you exceed a base allowance.

After your first three recharges, your plan will go back its standard 60GB allowance. But hey, you could download A LOT of porn with three months of unlimited mobile data.

amaysim is powered by the Optus network.


Telstra budget brand Belong gets you the kind of bargains you could never imagine its parent company offering. For example, $25 per month gets you 10GB on a no-contract Belong plan, whereas you’d pay $49 per month for 15GB on Telstra proper.

Belong plans all have data rollover, which means you can stockpile unused data indefinitely. If you manage to build up a sizeable data bank and want to save money, you can always drop down to Belong's 1GB for $10 plan (below) until you burn through your stash. The $10 plan is also a great option if you just need a low-cost plan for talk and text reasons.


Telstra is currently offering a $10 per month discount on your first 12 months with selected SIM-only plans. The 60GB plan featured above is definitely the sweet spot, now priced at $50 per month. That's about as good as Telstra plans get. While the discount will expire, the plan itself is no-contract, so you can leave whenever.

This deal runs until December 24.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is also worth considering if you’d prefer prepaid. Right now, a $30 plan will get you 35GB on your first three recharges, and 20GB thereafter. The plan also includes unlimited standard international calls and text to 20 selected countries plus 100 standard minutes for a further 35 countries.

It's also worth noting that Boost is the only Telstra powered provider with access to the entire Telstra network. Other MVNOs have access to a smaller coverage footprint.

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