A Wonderfully Articulated Wonder Woman Is The Most Super Toy Of The Week

A Wonderfully Articulated Wonder Woman Is The Most Super Toy Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of the latest and greatest in all things toy. This week, we’ve got even more Hot Toys from a galaxy far, far away; fancy figures big and small from the realms of Marvel and DC; and even an incredibly fashionable space wizard from Destiny 2. And that’s before we get to transforming robot jeeps! Check it out.

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Jet Trooper and Sith Jet Trooper Sixth-Scale Figures

You can count on few certainties on this earth, other than these: a Star Wars sequel will bring with it a new kind of Stormtrooper to turn into merchandise, and Hot Toys will gladly provide said merchandise. The Rise of Skywalker, presumably to the excitable joy of Hot Toys, has managed to do this twice, offering not just the Sith Trooper, but the Jet Trooper—which even gets its own candy-red-coated counterpart that’s an amalgam of both Sithness and Jetness.

As well as all the alternate hands you’d expect a Hot Toys figure to come with, both versions of the Jet Trooper come with their own unique guns (the Sith variant actually coming with two, similar to his non-Jet-based counterpart), as well as a posable stand that lets you send them flying into action. The Rise of Skywalker might finally be out next week, but if you want these swooshy boys, you’ll have to wait until early 2021 for the privilege.

Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Class Offroad Bumblebee

It feels almost blasphemous to see Bumblebee transform into anything other than a bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle. But through various animated series and big budget Hollywood blockbusters, the character’s taken on several different vehicular forms, including a classic Jeep in the self-titled Bumblebee movie, which is now available in a convenient toy form with Hasbro’s new Transformers Studio Series Deluxe Class Offroad Bumblebee. Available sometime in the autumn of 2020, the $29 figure stands 4.5-inches tall in robot mode, converts to Jeep mode in 26 steps, and comes with a detailed blaster accessory. You had us at blaster.

Hot Wheels The Mandalorian AT-ST Raider and Razor Crest

The Child—aka Baby Yoda—toys might be slow in arriving, but other merchandise from The Mandalorian is starting to pop up on store shelves across the galaxy. Hot Wheels’ miniature die-cast replicas of the AT-ST Raider and Mando’s Razor Crest ship should be out in the wild now if you’re up to the hunt, and each one includes a display stand so people walking by your desk will think you bought each one to display, and not act out epic battles.

Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech No.017 DC Comics Wonder Woman Figure

Kaiyodo’s line of hyperarticulated Amazing Yamaguchi figures is getting a wonderful addition in the form of Diana herself, Princess of the Amazons and DC heroine of our hearts. Like her predecessors in this line, Wonder Woman features a truly absurd amount of articulation, letting you pose her swinging swords, deflecting bullets with her bracers, wielding the lasso of truth, and in countless other grandly-stylised poses. Hell, even her hair is articulated, so you can move it about and indicate momentum or wind flurries! It’s insane.

Aside from all that articulation, Diana has the accessories kit to match. The aforementioned sword, lasso of truth, and bullet-deflecting VFX pieces are joined by a shield and the alternate hands to hold all these accessories, as well three different face pieces to pose Diana in neutral or angered states. If that wasn’t enough? She’s also got a removeable cape, recreating her look from the Rebirth comics. Revoltech Wonder Woman will set you back around $125 when she releases in May 2020. [ToyNewsInternational]

Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Comics Wolverine Sixth-Scale Figure

If you can’t get enough Spandex on your action figures, Sideshow Collectibles’ new 12-inch tall classic Wolverine comes wrapped in the character’s most iconic suit, complete with shoulder pads that somehow still look stylish, and Logan’s familiar swept back mask.

For about $360 you not only get an impeccably detailed figure with loads of articulation (many of which are hidden under his suit) but also swappable hands, removable metal claws, and extra non-articulated arms for collectors worried about aesthetics. If you shell out an extra five bucks for the Exclusive Edition over the Collector Edition, you’ll even get a set of extra swappable fists featuring Wolverine’s bone claws.

ThreeZero Destiny 2 Philomath Warlock

Destiny’s extra-as-hell space wizards, the Warlocks, have always had gear that matches their fabulous weirdness. In a world of space-cloaks and space-armour, they don absurdly ornate helmets, lavish robes, and boots that would look just as at home on a Parisian runway as they do the terraformed surfaces of Mars or the Hive-laden caves of the Moon. Which means they’re perfect for turning into some very fancy dollies (or action figures, if you get flustered by your little space-person dolls).

ThreeZero’s latest crack at the world of Destiny celebrates this with one of the sequel’s most famous and gorgeous Warlock armour sets, the Philomath gear. Two versions will be available in two “shaders” based on cosmetic colorations from the game itself: the black-and-gold “Golden Trace” and the ornate “Calus’ Selected,” a rare shader unlockable from the game’s end-game raid, Leviathan.

Aside from that, the two figures have the same accessories: alternate hands for posing, their Ghosts, and three weapons: the trace rifle Coldheart, the scout rifle Positive Outlook, and the Dawnblade sword wielded by solar-powered Warlocks during their ultimate move. Both iterations of the Philomath Warlock will go live for preorder on December 17, ahead of a release in late 2020. [Toyark]