A Realistic New Superhero Show Is Coming To Netflix In January

A Realistic New Superhero Show Is Coming To Netflix In January

And, appropriately enough, it’s called Ragnarok.

Netflix releases approximately 768 million shows every week, so it’s very easy for two or ten to get lost in the shuffle. One that we hadn’t heard of, and maybe you haven’t either, is Ragnarok, an original Scandinavian drama coming to the streaming service January 31. Netflix describes it as being about “A small Norwegian town experiencing warm winters and violent downpours seems to be headed for another Ragnarok, unless someone intervenes in time.”

That “someone” seems to be the main character Magne (David Stakston) who is certainly not like all the other kids in town. In fact, maybe he’s a God. Here are the first two teasers for the show, the latest of which was released today.

Now, being as the show is set in Norway, it’s probably more accurate to describe these characters as potential “Gods” rather than “superheroes,” but the similarities are numerous. Comic books were largely inspired by ancient mythology, such as the Norse myths this show seems to be drawn from.

One of the most popular superheroes of the day is, in fact, a God. Many of the characters have the same powers and desires. Ragnarok looks to be cut from a cloth that feels both inspired by mythology as well as the mould of a modern superhero show or movie. From these brief teases alone, it some real potential.

Created by writer Adam Price, the six-part show debuts on Netflix January 31.