You Can’t Watch Any Of The New Marvel Shows Today, But Here’s Some Concept Art

You Can’t Watch Any Of The New Marvel Shows Today, But Here’s Some Concept Art

Disney+ is finally here and with it comes hundreds of classic Disney movies, some impressive original content, and zero new Marvel Studios shows. Which, of course, we knew. Those shows aren’t going to start rolling out until late next year. However, to tease fans of what’s to come, Marvel Studios did add a 12-minute featurette to the streaming service featuring lots of cool stuff.

Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe was a last-minute announcement for the company’s Marvel offerings at the launch of Disney+, and it’s basically a crash course in the eight shows that are currently in development, using footage from both San Diego Comic-Con 2019 as well as the recent D23 Expo. Oh, and there’s concept art. Lots of concept art.

First up is The Falcon and Winter Soldier, which is now filming and is aiming for a fall 2020 release. Below you’ll see concept art of new costumes for Falcon and Winter Soldier, as well as Sharon Carter and John Walker”better known to comics fans as U.S. Agent (and at one time, a potential replacement for Steve Rogers as Captain America). Check “˜em out below:

New suit for The Falcon

New suit for Winter Soldier

New suit for Sharon Carter

Our first look at the suit for John Walker.

Next up is WandaVision, slated for a spring 2021 release. All that was revealed as this one image of Wanda and Vision in antiquated domestic bliss that looks like it could’ve been ripped right out of Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez-Walta, and Jordie Bellaire’s incredible comic seriesThe Vision. This art had previously been seen as a poster released at the D23 Expo, but at least now we can get a much cleaner look at it”and those ominous shadows of Scarlet and Vision in the background.

Vision and Wanda getting real cosy, sitcom-style.

Adorable. And creepy!

Not so adorable, though, is that no new images were released of Loki, also coming in spring 2021. ( You can, of course, watch the footage on Disney+, but here are a few screengrabs showing Peggy Carter becoming Captain Britain, Steve Rogers in what looks like Stark technology, and even a zombie Captain America. What If… hits Disney+ summer of 2021.

Peggy Carter, super soldier

Steve Rogers, not a super soldier. But a cool mech.

Meet Captain Britain.

Zombie cap? Hmmm.

Finally, and maybe coolest of all, are three-piece of concept art from Hawkeye, featuring Jeremy Renner as the Avenger as well as his protégée Kate Bishop. These are so awesome, and offer looks and tones for Kate right out of her recent solo comic series and West Coast Avengers.

Kate Bishop in the house.

Kate, Clint, and a good boy.

Who is driving the car?

That show comes in spring of 2021.

Then the show also acknowledges the three other series coming”Ms. Marvel, Moon Night, and She-Hulk“but there are no images from those titles yet. However, since the featurette was made, there was some news on those shows, which you can read here.

Obviously, we’d love to see more from these shows but they simply aren’t ready. All in good time though, and it’s certainly cool we got at least this little taste at launch.

Disney+ begins streaming in Australia on November 19.