Watch The Cast Of The Mandalorian Describe Its Upcoming First Season

Watch The Cast Of The Mandalorian Describe Its Upcoming First Season

A darker, more mysterious segment of the Star Wars world is about to get fleshed out. With The Mandalorian’s release impending, it’s time to dive in.

To prepare for what that might look like, here’s a fun video where the cast of the show describes how it differs from the rest of the Star Wars media out there and what word best sums up the show. There aren’t any new tidbits about the show, per se, but it’s nice to hear the perspective of the cast gathered together in one place alongside some basic show information.

The most interesting comment by far is from Pedro Pascal, the eponymous bounty hunter himself, who says that The Mandalorian will explore a new moral register within the series, in the murky space between good and evil. If so, it’s a welcome change for the series, which has in the new canon shied away from grayer narrative territory in a lot of ways. Even Rogue One, the most grey of the new films, is still, basically, about heroes being heroes. Those heroes having made a few mistakes in the past doesn’t change that.

Realistically, will The Mandalorian end up with the bounty hunter doing something good, moving toward the light in some way or form? Most likely. That’s how Star Wars stories seem to go. But the insistence on the part of the people involved that this show is different has me willing to hold out some hope for a bleaker, more creative direction.

The Mandalorian’s first episode shows up on Disney+ November 19.