Watch Al Pacino Hunt 1970s Nazis, Courtesy Of Jordan Peele

Watch Al Pacino Hunt 1970s Nazis, Courtesy Of Jordan Peele
Al Pacino is putting together a team in <em>Hunters.</em> (Photo: Amazon)

Leave it to Jordan Peele and his Monkeypaw Productions to come up with yet another fascinating yet horrifying premise for a TV show: Hunters, about a team of vigilantes tracking Nazis in the 1970s. It’s coming soon to Amazon.

Decades after the end of World War II, a new Nazi regime is threatening to rise to power in the United States. This cannot stand. So, none other than Al Pacino will lead a group to hunt down and destroy the threat. Check out the teaser trailer:

Besides Pacino, Hunters stars Logan Lerman, Josh Radnor, Kate Mulvany, Carol Kane, Dylan Baker, and Lena Olin, to name a few. It’s an eclectic, diverse cast, which is exactly the kind of group you’d want to see killing a bunch of Nazis in 1970s New York.

Though Peele is a producer, the show was created by created by relative newcomer David Weil, who’ll co-showrun with veteran Nikki Toscano (Revenge, Bates Motel). American Horror Story director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon helmed the pilot, which will premiere sometime in 2020.

Al Pacino. Jordan Peele. Nazi hunting? Come on. Who isn’t in for this one?