UK Police Hunt Thieves Who Stole $7.5K Of Lego And They Must Be Bricking It

UK Police Hunt Thieves Who Stole $7.5K Of Lego And They Must Be Bricking It
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The criminals smashed through the doors of a warehouse in Hull with their Ford Transit van and scarpered with armfuls of toys.

Don’t worry, I double checked to see what kind of car our resident Lego lovers Tom and Kim drive, and they’re in the clear, because Tom assures me he doesn’t drive a Transit van because he’s not “a tradesman, terrible driver, or a murderer,” ” or so he claims. You can add ‘probably not a Lego thief’ to that list too, Tom.

Either way, keep an eye out for a dark-coloured Ford Transit van that has “one different coloured rear door and an unusual roof rack”. The thieves barrelled into the shutters at 2.30am in the creepiest of vans available (roomy enough for building supplies, and a few bodies to boot), before jumping out and scooping up Lego sets that totalled £4,000 (nearly $7500).

It’s not clear which sets they got their grubby little hands on, but the prices can really get up there ” as demonstrated in our Best Lego Sets We Got in 2019 feature (an $1100 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer? Fuck ooooffff), but then I don’t imagine they spent too much time umming and ahhing over the sets strewn before them.

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