Twitter Doesn’t Need A Phone Number For 2FA Anymore

Twitter Doesn’t Need A Phone Number For 2FA Anymore

Good news for anyone who loves online security but doesn’t want their personal phone number tied to it.

Twitter is finally giving users the option to use two-factor authentication (2FA) without handing over their digits.

There are some caveats, though.

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From today you can enable 2FA on your Twitter account with just a security code generating app such as Google Authenticator. Previous to this you still had to add a phone number if you chose to use a security app with your account.

But the service could still do with some improvements. As 9To5Mac explains, some security keys such as Yubikey still necessitates a second authentication, such as a phone number, for 2FA to work. The reason behind this is because the keys are only supported by the web version of Twitter.

So if you’re a security key fan but prefer the Twitter app or Tweetdeck, you’re probably out of luck for awhile. Fingers crossed that this changes in the future.

To enable 2FA on Twitter shit the ‘More’ button on the sidebar and then go to Settings and Privacy -> Account -> Security ->Two-Factor Authentication. You’ll then be able to choose your preferred method.