This Is The Only Nissan Kicks I Will Ever Give A Shit About

This Is The Only Nissan Kicks I Will Ever Give A Shit About

The Nissan Kicks, I am sorry to say, is a car that I cannot bring myself to care about. Not only am I resentful it replaced the objectively funky Nissan Juke in the United States, its name also promises something far more interesting than it actually is. Like calling cottage cheese Super Duper Savoury Power Food That Will Make You Famous And Also Rich™. But the Nissan Kicks Street Sport that was just unveiled at this year’s SEMA show? That is the only good Kicks.

The Kicks Street Sport is another one of Nissan’s one-offs at SEMA that you cannot buy. It uses a custom oversize front air dam, rear roof spoiler and side skirts, according to a press release. MA Motorsports created the wide fender flares that house the six-spoke, gold Volk wheels which I love, love, love. The Street Sport also has a custom suspension system that was made from a combination of Nismo and Ohlins coil-over shocks.

The engine has a custom Garrett GT2255 turbocharger, Turbosmart diverter valve and UPREV ECU, as well as a specially built Nismo exhaust. Inside, you’ll find Sparco carbon bucket seats. My inner Tokyo Drift spirit is screaming with happiness.

This is the Kicks I’d build in Forza, because one of the great joys of Forza is being able to mod your cyberspace car in ways you would, in reality, were you to have the time, money and garage space. I’m not saying all Kicks should look this way (but they definitely should). It just would be nice if the Street Sport were available as an option.

But it is not.