The Sanderson Sisters Will Be Back For Hocus Pocus 2

The Sanderson Sisters Will Be Back For Hocus Pocus 2

Todd McFarlane says Joker will only help to bring his Spawn movie to life. Katee Sackhoff and a truly remarkable British accent will return to The Flash. It might not be long before we get a new glimpse at Doctor Who’s return. Michael Douglas confirms he’s back for Ant-Man 3. Plus, what’s to come on Supergirl and Batwoman. Spoilers now!

Hocus Pocus 2

In the comment section of a recent Instagram post, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed Better Midler, Kathy Najimy and herself “have all said yes” to return for a sequel to Hocus Pocus and now, “we await instructions!”

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Ant-Man 3

Michael Douglas revealed Ant-Man 3 begins filming January 2021 in a recent interview with Collider, backing up recent reports.

We’re starting a third one… beginning January ‘21.


According to Deadline, Andi Matichak (Halloween, Halloween Kills) has joined Emile Hirsch as the lead in Ivan Kavanagh’s horror feature, Son. The “character-driven” piece is said to concern “a mother who escaped from a demonic cult as a child. Her past catches up with her as its members infect her young son with an insidious disease, the cure for which is more terrifying than she can imagine.”


In light of Joker’s recent box office success, Todd MacFarlane spoke to the Phoenix New Times about his legendary, self-financed, and allegedly somehow-still-happening Spawn movie.

We keep pushing for it. It’s interesting cause the Marvel movies, the MCU, has been doing quite well and those are PG-13 movies. I keep trying to convince people that doing a dark, serious comic book movie will work. There’s been so much success with these PG-13 movies that there’s a resistance to them in Hollywood. But since Joker came out, it proves what I’ve been saying for over two years to any executives I can talk to. Serious dark comic books can work. R-movies can succeed. So now, all of a sudden, I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls saying, ‘Todd, we need to talk to you about that R-rated dark thing you wanted to do.’ So Joker did me a favour.


A new clip from Klaus describes the conflict between the Krum family and the Ellingboes.

The Flash

Katee Sackhoff will reprise her role as Amunet Black, aka Blacksmith, in an upcoming episode of The Flash.

In related news, Ralph goes undercover while Chunk joins the team in the synopsis for “Licence to Elongate,” the Danielle Panabaker-directed November 20 episode of The Flash.

Barry (Grant Gustin) turns his attention to prepping Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) for life after Crisis and without The Flash, but Ralph ultimately teaches Barry a lesson. Meanwhile, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) faces her own moment of self-discovery while helping a recuperated Chester P. Runk (guest star Brandon McKnight) reclaim his identity. Danielle Panabaker directed the episode written by Thomas Pound & Jeff Hersh (#606).

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Station Eleven

Deadline reports David Wilmot will play series regular, Clark, “a corporate consultant who gave up artistic ambitions but discovers a hero within himself in the post-apocalyptic landscape” on HBO Max’s Station Eleven.


Deadline also has word NBC has ordered a new series from Charmed’s George Northy that sounds like an island-set version of Eureka. Though reportedly “inspired by the works of H.G. Wells,” the series will follow Ellie, “a young scientist lured to a secluded island under the pretense of curing her terminally sick mother. While there she discovers there is more to this island and its inhabitants than it seems.”

Doctor Who

An ominous update from Doctor Who’s official Twitter page may suggest a trailer for series twelve is on the way.


Oliver returns to Russia in the synopsis for “Prochnost,” the November 20 episode of Arrow.

Upon learning the key to oppose The Monitor (guest star LaMonica Garrett), Oliver (Stephen Amell) and team return to Russia on a mission to gather the necessary materials. Connor (Joseph David-Jones) reunites with a figure from his past. Laura Belsey directed the episode written by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes (#805).

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Kara learns a harsh truth in the synopsis for “Tremors,” the November 18 episode of Supergirl.

SOMETIMES THE PERSON YOU WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR IS STANDING BEHIND THE TRIGGER – Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) finally learns the truth about Lena (Katie McGrath) while tangling with Leviathan. J’onn J’onnz (David Harewood) makes a discovery about his brother’s whereabouts. Andi Armaganian directed the episode written by J. Holtham & Katie Rose Rogers (#507).

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Elsewhere, a new villain infiltrates the DEO in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Confidence Women.”


Kate and Sophie are on thin ice in the synopsis for “Tell Me the Truth,” the November 18 episode of Batwoman.

Kate (Ruby Rose) and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) must reconcile with their past as Kate questions just how much she can trust her former lover. Kate and Luke (Camrus Johnson) have an encounter with an old friend. Mary (Nicole Kang) grapples with the fate of the Kane family as Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis) seeks Jacob’s (Dougray Scott) help. Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and a new cohort are in on yet another nefarious plan, but her motives are more than they seem. Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Caroline Dries and Natalie Abrams (#107).

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Meanwhile, Batwoman takes on the Executioner in the trailer for next week’s episode, “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury.”

Black Lightning

A new chapter begins in the synopsis for Black Lightning’s November 19 episode, “The Book of Resistance: Chapter One.”

Jefferson (Cress Williams), is torn between his loyalty to his family and his commitment to saving Freeland. Meanwhile, Anissa’s (Nafessa Williams) commitment to Grace (guest star Chantal Thuy) is deepening. Lastly, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) makes an interesting discovery. Christine Adams, James Remar, Marvin Jones III, Damon Gupton and Jordan Calloway also star. Jeff Byrd directed the episode written by Lamont Magee (#306).

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Mercy Graves attacks Titans Tower in the synopsis for “Fallen,” the tenth episode of season two.

Titans Tower comes under attack by Mercy Graves.

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Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew interrogates a ghost in the synopsis for “The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen” airing November 21.

Believing that solving Lucy’s murder will lead to solving Tiffany’s murder, the Drew Crew resolves to find a way to speak with the only eyewitness to both murders-Dead Lucy herself. To prepare for this incredibly risky séance, they set off to investigate the last few hours of Lucy Sable’s life.

Ultimately, they confront Dead Lucy in a horrifying séance, and Nancy (Kennedy McMann) is faced with a truth that seems to validate her greatest fear. Scott Wolf, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani, Tunji Kasim, Alex Saxon, Riley Smith and Alvina August also star. Becca Rodriguez directed the episode written by Erika Harrison & Katie Schwartz (#107).

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Caught in an ice storm, Betty and Jughead naturally decided to investigate a murder in the synopsis for “Ice Storm,” the November 21 episode of Riverdale.

Archie’s (KJ Apa) plan to host a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner at the community centre quickly gets derailed when some unexpected guests arrive. Stranded at Stonewall Prep by an ice storm, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and Betty (Lili Reinhart) search for clues about a recent death on campus. Elsewhere, while FP (Skeet Ulrich), Alice (Madchen Amick), Hiram (Mark Consuelos) and Hermoine (Marisol Nichols) wait out the storm together at Pop’s, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) get resourceful as they host a dinner for Cheryl’s family. Camila Mendes, Casey Cott and Charles Melton also star. Alex Pillai directed the episode written by Arabella Anderson (#407.)

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Lady Trieu debuts in the trailer for next week’s episode of Watchmen, “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own.”

Green Eggs & Ham

Finally, Netflix has released a new trailer for the bizarrely star-studded Green Eggs & Ham animated series, featuring the voices of Adam Devine, Michael Douglas, Ilana Grazer, Diane Keaton, Eddie Izzard, Tracy Morgan, Keegan-Michael Key, Jeffrey Wright, Jillian Bell, John Turturro and Daveed Diggs.

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