The Opening Title Sequence For His Dark Materials Is Stunningly Good

Lyra and the bears. Good band name. (Image: HBO/BBC)

A stratified magical world. A cloistered academy and a frontier. An epic journey.

His Dark Materials is a sweeping fantasy epic, and it deserves a title sequence to match. Fortunately, thanks to HBO and the BBC, it’s got one. Today, BBC released the opening for the upcoming His Dark Materials TV show, and it absolutely lives up to the pedigree of the series. If you’re looking for something to build hype, this is it. I’m especially partial to the graphics at the end. Like, wow.

In more His Dark Materials news, the BBC has put out videos exploring the characters of Lyra Belacqua and Mrs. Coulter through their actresses, Dafne Keen and Ruth Wilson, respectively. Both videos feature interviews with the actresses and explore how they got into their roles and what we might expect from these interpretations of the characters.

If you’re thrilled for His Dark Materials, the wait is almost over. It premieres tonight.

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