The First Trailer For Infinity Train Book 2 Is Hiding Behind A Devious Puzzle

Cat? (Image: Cartoon Network)

If you want to ride this ride, you’re going to have to play along.

The excellent, enigmatic Infinity Train is getting ready to roll back around for its second season, Book 2, and Cartoon Network has released a trailer for it. Well, released might be a generous word: you have to do that yourself. The Infinity Train website is presently an enigma: a claw puzzle that, if solved, might yield something interesting.

Questions abound: what do claw puzzles have to do with trains? How do these particular objects relate to each other? Who’s operating this puzzle?

I’m not going to solve the puzzle for you, but I can offer a hint: the deer wants to visit the flower.

I’m also going to talk a little bit about the trailer, so extra special spoiler warning for that:

Ooh. Mysterious. The trailer shows a glimpse of mirror worlds, train-bound carnivals, and other strange dimensions carried within the Infinity Train. There’s also the possibility of escape, but, well, who knows? Book Two seems poised to continue to build out the lore and the enigma of the train, and that’s exciting stuff indeed.

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