Wine Is Being Aged In Space Now

Wine Is Being Aged In Space Now
Image: Getty
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A European startup has sent a dozen bottles of Bordeaux to the International Space Station (ISS) to age for a year. Yes, humanity really has reached this point.

The Luxembourg company, Space Cargo Unlimited, specialises in testing how the space environment impacts on materials used on Earth.

The wine was launched from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility over the weekend. The aim of the experiment is to test how wine is impacted by microgravity in a space-based environment.

A control batch of the same wine will also be aged on earth over a year-long period. Both batches will be stored at 18 degrees. Once the space wine returns from the ISS the two will be tasted and compared.

It is predicted that microgravity and space radiation will result in different chemical and physical reactions than the bottles ages on earth.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that other items also accompanied the wine, including the carbon fibre used in Lamborghinis and a chocolate chip cookie oven.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this isn’t the first time that booze has been sent to space in the name of research. Budweiser already has barley seeds at the station, and Suntory sent up whiskey samples for ageing in 2015.

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