She-Ra Season 4's Most Emotionally Intense Scene Was Already Heartbreaking In The Storyboards

Catra at her most menacing. (Image: Netflix)

Oh, wildcat.

Late in the most recent season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, things are looking pretty dim for Catra. She’s been left, attacked, or insulted by pretty much every named character in the cast at this point, and she’s buckling under the weight of everything that’s happened to her. Then, to deal the final, character-shattering blow, enters Double Trouble.

In a wrenching conversation, Double Trouble deconstructs Catra’s character and says precisely what she needed to hear in order to see herself clearly. It’s a stirring, painful moment in the show. But the early storyboarding is nearly just as intense. Diana Huh was generous enough to share those storyboards, set to the show’s voice audio, on Twitter, and they’re wonderful.

Everything that works in the scene is already here—Double Trouble’s fluid movements. The staging of the scene, which has them circling and cornering her. The transformations. Catra’s slow unravelling. Ooh, it’s so good. And so cruel. As Huh says in the Tweet, “Thank you… for letting me hurt Catra.” You certainly did that.

We’ll see what becomes of Catra, and whether this will teach her anything in the long term, in the next season of She-Ra, whenever that’s coming.

You can catch all four seasons of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix in Australia.

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