Servant’s Latest Teaser Is Unsettling As Hell

Servant’s Latest Teaser Is Unsettling As Hell

Apple’s upcoming thriller series Servant is still mostly shrouded in mystery and really only leading with the fact that whatever the hell is going on in its story revolves around a creepy-arse baby. The latest teaser doesn’t provide much in the way of more details but, well, it’s got plenty more baby weirdness to freak you out.

The teaser focuses on an older gentleman loving putting together a lifelike baby doll that’s unsettling to the eye in large part because of how realistic it looks. You know that the baby isn’t real because you see the guy popping in its eyeballs and taking painstaking steps to paint on minute details that make it seem as if it’s alive.

The teaser gets properly odd, though, when it cuts to Lauren Ambrose’s Dorothy Turner picking up the doll, which has seemingly become an actual child that squirms in her hands.

Given that this is an M. Night Shymalan production, one assumes that Servant‘s going to delve into questions about whether the baby the series focuses on is real or not, but one hopes the show has something more up its sleeve than “oh, the baby was fake the entire time and these people are delusional.”

But then again, that predictable twist might be the entire point when Servant premieres on Apple TV+ on November 28 in Australia.