PSA: 29 Seasons Of The Simpsons Are On Disney+ In Australia

PSA: 29 Seasons Of The Simpsons Are On Disney+ In Australia
Image: Disney

Disney+ has launched in Australia and we now know 29 seasons of The Simpsons will be available on the new streaming service for Australians.

It’s an interesting decision because previously, all seasons of The Simpsons have never appeared on a streaming on demand service. But with Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox earlier this year, the iconic animated series became the property of Disney and has been made available on their streaming lineup.

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Missing from the Australian service are the most recent seasons, 30 and 31, but given season 30 aired mid this year and season 31 is still airing, they’re likely to be added in due course. In the United States, Season 30 is available but season 31 is not yet.

Over the years, The Simpsons was available on some free-to-air channels, like Channel 10, but in 2017, it was pulled from our screens by Fox. Since then, it’s only been available for viewing and streaming on Foxtel with physical copies available for purchase. As of the time of writing, The Simpsons is not available for streaming on Foxtel Now but can still be viewed on live through FOX8 (available with Foxtel Now subscriptions).

Image: Foxtel

Most of us probably only enjoy the first 10 but hey, now we can test the waters with those later episodes we’ve probably not watched 300 times each.

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