Phone Detection Cameras Are Coming To NSW This Weekend

Phone Detection Cameras Are Coming To NSW This Weekend
Image: NSW Government

Several months back the NSW government announced the permanent implementation of mobile phone detection cameras across the state.

They’re going live this weekend and they won’t have warning signs.

The decision to utilise these cameras came after a six month trial where 100,000 drivers were found to be using their phones illegally while driving.

The most common usage included texting and use of social media. However, cameras also picked up more odd (but still dangerous) behaviour such getting a passenger to steer the car.

A mix of 45 fixed and portable cameras will now be erected, which has cost the state $88 million.

Unlike with speed cameras, there will be no signs to let drivers know that a mobile detection camera is in the area.

NSW Roads Are Getting Phone Detection Cameras (With No Warning Signs)

If you're prone to touching your phone while behind the wheel, your chances of getting busted are about to increase. The New South Wales government has announced that permanent mobile phone detection cameras will be rolled out across the state by December... and you won't be warned about them.

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Despite public outcry regarding the lack of signage, the program will be going ahead as planned. Earlier this month a NSW upper house committee tabled a report that enabled the rollout of the cameras.

According to the SMH it’s expected that the detection cameras could result in as many a 2.4 million infringement notices across NSW every year.

“We have to unfortunately use the element of surprise to get people to think ‘well, I could get caught at any time’,” NSW Roads Minister Andrew Constance said back in September.

“I want behaviour to change and I want it changed immediately… It’s not about revenue – it’s about saving lives.”

While the cameras will begin going live on December 1, there will be a three-month grace period where fines won’t be issued. So you have until March 2020 to break your bad phone usage habits while behind the wheel.