The Michael Jackson Episode Of The Simpsons Isn’t On Disney+

The Michael Jackson Episode Of The Simpsons Isn’t On Disney+

In the U.S. Disney+ offers subscribers the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons as part of its content portfolio.

But there is is one episode of the 662 that has been left off the platform, and it’s because of Michael Jackson.

Content warning: this story involves child sexual abuse.

Stark Raving Dad was the first episode of season 3 and originally aired back in 1991. Michael Jackson was an uncredited guest star, a patient who Homer meets while spending time in a mental institution. Jackson even wrote the Lisa It’s Your Birthday song for the show.

The episode aired two years before Jackson was first publicly accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

The matter was settled out of court, but this was only the first of similar accusations that continued until the singer’s death in 2009.

According to Polygon, Jackson’s episode definitely doesn’t appear on Disney+. Season 3 of The Simpsons now opens with the episode Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington.

This decision is just the most recent example of Stark Raving Dad being removed from syndication.

Earlier this year the executive producers of the show, including creator Matt Groening, decided to expunge the episode from box sets, syndication and streaming out of respect for the alleged victims.

This decision was made after the documentary Leaving Neverland aired. The film involves two men who allege that Jackson molested them as children. The Jackson estate tried to block HBO from airing the documentary, stating that the accusations were false.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal back in March, Executive Producer Al Jean stated “It feels clearly the only choice to make.”

Until his death Jackson claimed he was innocent of all accusations of molestation.