Here’s The Full Release Schedule For The Mandalorian

Here’s The Full Release Schedule For The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian launched with Disney+ last week, and patient Aussies were able to access the first two episodes right away, with the third not far behind. But as it turns out, The Mandalorian isn’t on a strict weekly schedule. Here’s when every episode is set to air.

Episode four, five and six of The Mandalorian will air weekly on consecutive Friday evenings for the next three weeks, but episode 7 is bucking the trend. This episode will arrive on December 18, just five days after the previous episode airs.

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And while you might cheer the arrival of an early episode, there is a major caveat. It means that you’ll have to wait a full 9 days for the season finale to arrive, in what will surely be a painstaking wait for answers. So far, The Mandalorian has played its cards close to its chest, so here’s hoping the wait for the first season finale comes with a well-earned payoff.

Here’s how the schedule shapes up:

  • Chapter 4: Friday, November 29
  • Chapter 5: Friday, December 6
  • Chapter 6: Friday, December 13
  • Chapter 7: Wednesday, December 18
  • Chapter 8 (Season Finale): Friday, December 27

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearly over the halfway mark with The Mandalorian already, but there’s sure to be plenty more secrets, myths and legends to discover before the show’s first season is over. And besides, the show’s second season isn’t too far away.