Lego Sent A Lego Space Station Into The Stratosphere

Lego has been making space-themed sets for 40 years. To mark the occasion, some lazy executive in their marketing department put the words “Lego”, “space” and “set” on a whiteboard, drew a circle around them and hit upon the bright idea of sending a Lego space station set into space. Genius.

Admittedly, it makes for a pretty cool video, although the Lego City Lunar Space Station set and the 3D-printed rig it is secured in only reach 33,000 metres, which is technically the stratosphere and still bloody high, but it is 67,000 metres shy of the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space favoured by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, which likes to define this sort of thing.

Still, Lego spaceship! In (almost) space! It’s enough to please the Benny in all of us.

If that’s whetted your appetite for all things Lego, their Black Friday sale has already kicked off.

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.