Apple’s Slinging Phone Cases For $200 Because Of Course

apple Smart Battery Cases
Image: Apple

Apple has announced it’s releasing a range of Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone 11 series. While they give you the ability to charge your battery on the go, in true fruit company style, they’re bloody expensive.

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The new Apple Smart Battery Cases are on sale for $199 a pop for the iPhone 11, 11 Max and the 11 Max Pro. Apple reckons it can give your device another 50 per cent of charge and it’s also compatible with Qi and USB-PD charging.

Interestingly, there’s a dedicated button on the case that launches the phone’s camera app even if it’s locked. Holding the button allows you to take a photo and a longer hold records a QuickTake video.

So, you’re certainly getting a lot of features jammed into the case but $200 is still a lot, especially when you’re paying a minimum of $1199 for the iPhone 11 and up to $2499 for the Pro Max.

We’ll let you know how we find it (and if it’s maybe worth it?) when we try it out next week.

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